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Hi, I’m Layla and I attend Justice Elementary School. I love to play with my friends, read and write, but most of all, I love to solve disputes. When my friends are sad, I use facts to figure out why they are sad or what happened to help them. When I solve the issue, it makes them feel better. I also like to make sure that when people make bad decisions, they know there are consequences. When I use my analytical skills and put facts together, my grandmother tells me that I am doing what lawyers do and that I am going to be a lawyer when I grow up. My pearls are fancy and special because they give me, Pearl Power!!

My grandmother gave me her feather pen to help me write down the facts. When I put on my glasses and starred blazer, I mean business. With these items, I am the best playground lawyer and will be the best lawyer when I grow up!!!

lawyer with layla

Get a copy of her book: Read it!

Get her pearls: Lawyer in style.

Get her feather pen: Take notes of the facts.

Figure out the dispute. Who did it?

Decide what should happen: Consequences?

Lawyer Lingo: Learn and use lawyer words.

This God idea came to me to inspire young woman to be whatever they want to be, even a lawyer. I believe that women bring a unique perspective to the legal community and our voices need to be heard. As I searched to find a book to explain to a child what lawyers do, I could not find anything out there. So, I knew this was necessary. As I began writing the books, I realized that these books would inspire kids to use deductive reasoning and to think through problems. The facts in each book help kids to use information to draw a conclusion. Then after the kids get to the conclusion realizing that someone made a bad choice, they then learn that every decision has a consequence. This book will inspire career paths, diversity and kids to think through problems and discover solutions on their own.

Brittany Starr Whittington

I am Brittany and I am a Lawyer. I was born and raised in the Bay Area, California. When I was a little girl, I was good at collecting and analyzing facts. I then used those facts to arrive at a reasonable conclusion. I had the gift of persuasion and was able to communicate my opinion well. I did not know it, but I was practicing being a lawyer. My family saw something in me and began to speak that into my life. By Second grade, my family, friends and teachers were saying, “You are going to be a lawyer when you grow up.” By Highschool, I knew that I was going to be lawyer and I set out to achieve that goal.

I graduated from the illustrious institution, Spelman College. There, I learned all about the power of us as women and about #blackgirl magic. Thereafter, I then graduated from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Upon graduation from law school, I began my legal career working as a Civil Rights Employment Discrimination Attorney. I am currently a Deputy District Attorney where I have spent the last several years arguing circumstantial evidence to a jury; using a group of facts to determine a fact in question. I love taking facts, analyzing them, getting to a conclusion and helping others get to that same conclusion.

I love to spend time with my family, shop and travel. But most importantly, I spend a significant amount of time pouring into the next generation.

SPECIAL thank you to my husband Edward Whittington for always encouraging and pushing me. When I shared this with him, he told me Go and has run with me ever since. And of course, Eddie for being soooo handsome and inspiring me to always be a better wife, mom, lawyer and person. His smile and heart keeps me lifted daily.

To contact the author, you can email her at [email protected].

Author Brittany Starr Whittington


Analyze facts

Layla shows kids how to gather facts and evaluate them individually and together.

Arrive at Conclusion

Layla teaches kids how to use the facts to reach reasonable conclusions.

Accept Consequences

Layla helps kids remember there are consequences to their actions. This helps kids remember to make better choices.

Appreciate Diversity

Layla and her friends all look different and come from different backgrounds, but they all work together and help each other make good choices.

Aspire to New Heights

Layla helps kids think about their future careers and allows them to see that pursuing a career path as a lawyer is obtainable. Edward helps young boys see their future in law enforcement. Margot helps kids see careers as a judge.

Apply Lawyer Lingo

Layla teaches kids fun words that lawyers use. This helps kids expand their vocabulary.

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7 years old

I loved the book!

9 years old

When I grow up I want to be like Layla and be a Lawyer.

7 years old

This book teaches you not to lie.

6 years old

I like when Stacey tells the truth.

7 years old

You should not take things that do not belong to you.

Tracey Brown

My daughter wants to be a lawyer now.

Trenea Moore
San Diego

This story was great.

Tiffany Winslow
Los Angeles

The kids were excited each time the story was read.

Mrs. Read

Like nothing I’ve ever heard.  Very unique and teaches the kids a good lesson.


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