Lawyering with Layla the Lawyer: Activity Book

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Lawyering with Layla the Lawyer: Activity Book

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Lawyering with Layla the Lawyer, Activity Book allows children to utilize the skills that lawyers do. This books will help children enhance their analytical skills and like Layla the Lawyer, when their friends have a problem, help them figure it out. This book additionally assists scholars with self esteem. Each child will be able to affirm and encourage themselves with affirmations after utilizing this work book. Lastly, each child will begin to understand what they are good at and what they are purposed to do. Once they, figure it out, they will begin to enhance skills and tools to aid in them being great when they grow up.

Be sure to learn all of Layla’s lessons when reading her books and practice them while working in the Activity book:

Analyze Facts
Arrive at Conclusions
Accept Consequences
Appreciate diversity
Aspire to New Heights
Apply Lawyer Lingo

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